Galvanized products passivation meet two objectives:

  • Better resist of the shiny surface for longer time
  • Passivated product gives opportunity for adding paint layer without expensive sand blasting

Shiny and bright zinc surface is guaranteed with minimal Si content in steel( below 0,05%). For the better protection of the galvanized producst Galv-Est offers passivation service.

After passivation, the products zinc layer will be passive form that means the oxidation stops and thefor it preserves shiny look and better corrosion resistance. Products with thicker material usually do not shine after galvanizing, because they have increased content of the Si. If the construction is built with materials that has different thicknesses, then the result of zinc layer will no be so smooth and even.

Passivated products made by Galv-Est AS do not need prework before painting.

Galvanized and passivated products made my Galv-Est are tested by Tikkurila Oy for adherence of the surfaces with different painting system. Best results showd following system:

  • First layer 80 μm – epoxy paint Temacoat RM 40
  • Top layer 40 μm polyurethane paint Temadur 50

Mentioned painting system will ensure strong C4 corrosion protection class with demands of the ISO 12944-6. C4 protection class is needed for the constructions what are exposed to harsh environmental conditions ( Chemical Companys, swimming bools, near the coast of the seas like ship docks).