Hot-dip galvanizing

We have one of the most powerful and modern hot dip galvanizing factory in Baltic states, where is possible to galvanize small and simple as well as large scale and complex steel structures.

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About the company

AS Galv-Est was founded in year 2004 by Estonian metal industry companies. For today we have over 15 years of experience in field of hot dip galvanizing and we are appreciated partner to our clients. Our purpose is to offer quality service to our clients. We own one of the biggest zinc bath in Baltic states.

We are constantly working to rise our competence and improve our systems. We have issued next certificates:


Why Galv-est?

Because we offer corrosion protection for decades!

Perfect technology

Galvanizing bath 14 x 1,6 x 3 (m)

Centrifugal galvanizing of small parts

Passivation opportunity

ISO 1461 compliant quality

Orders are filled quickly

Assembly and packing of the products

Storage of the products

On site off and on loading of the products

Hole drilling for galvanizing products if needed