Hot-dip galvanizing is an anti-corrosion treatment in which the products are covered with a thin layer of zinc. The process consists of several stages and can be more or less thorough for different hot-dip galvanizing companies.

In addition to large-scale baths, the AS Galv-Est plant also uses a modern technical cycle, which includes all the necessary processes and equipment that can positively influence the quality of the product, the environment, and the safety of the personnel

Since molten zinc only reacts to a chemically clean metal surface, this has to be assured through pre-treatment.

Dirt, oils, grease, and rust are removed during the treatment process in the plant but paint, varnish and other non-washable substances that also do not dissolve in hydrochloric acid have to be removed mechanically beforehand by the customer.

If, upon mutual agreement, this additional work is left to be carried out by the company performing the galvanizing, it will also be reflected in the price of the service.